Our Services...

1-2-1 Walks

1-2-1 walks are designed specifically for the older dog, or for those who prefer the company of humans to other dogs. Active Animals will adhere or advise on any specific training requirements, which can be followed up with personalised training plans and longterm goals. 

Group Walks

Group walks are ideal for those who love to be with other dogs or need a bit more social training. Dogs can be walked off-lead or on-lead, depending on how they respond to recall. Social group walks are all about dogs being dogs, they are however structured and not a free for all run around!  Dogs get to run, play, swim and  learn how to behave as part of a pack, including downtime, basic training and lots of mental stimulation and boundaries.  When they return home they will be extremely happy, fulfilled, tired dogs.

Home & Small Animal Visits

It's not only dogs that Active Animals cares for, if your going away and don't want to use a cattery or small animal boarding, we can visit your home during the day feed cats, change litter trays, let small animals out, feed them and clean cages, as well as administering any medication required. 


We care for hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, chickens, ducks, geese, fish, exotic reptiles and birds.

1-2-1 Canicross Coaching

Here at Active Animal we love canicross and have seen how beneficial it can be for our dogs and the bond it creates between dog and owner when out on the trails working as a team, if your a season runner or never ran but fancy trying running with your dog in a safe and controlled manner we have everything you need to get started! even experienced highly trained dogs to show you what its all about! - on your 1-2-1 we teach you everything you need to know from basic handling and equipment, nutrition, dog care all the way through to your first canicross event .... but be warned ... its extremely addictive! 

If there is a service not specified that you would like to enquire about, please feel free to contact us and ask.